LEGO Creator - Flying Aprig (31004)

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LEGO Creator - Flying Aprig (31004)

Endless LEGO toys!

- Model 3 in 1: it is reconstructed as a venomous scorpion or beaver!

- The Fierce Flyer has very articulated wings, gripping claws, tail feathers and placeable legs!

- Move your wings or fold them back!

- Grip tightly with your claws!

"Hit the scorpion's flexible prickly tail!"

- Move the beaver's tail!

- The scorpion has placable legs, mobile pliers and a needle-articulated tail!

- The beaver has a placeable tail, legs and arms that move!

- Measures over 8 cm in height, 15 cm in length and 27 cm in width!

- The scorpion measures over 3 cm in height, 24 cm in length and 16 cm in width!

- The beaver measures over 8 cm in height, 15 cm in length and 7 cm in width!

* Recommended toy after the age of 7.

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