LEGO Friends Surfer Beachfront (41693)

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  • Brand: LEGO
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The happy holiday atmosphere will last all year with the LEGO Friends (41693) Surfer Beach toy. Children who love vacations can relive their vacation memories by spending time with their friends at the beach. LEGO Life is a Beach The 2-story building has an ice cream shop with a rooftop terrace, a beach rental shop, and Mia's grandmother's LEGO Friends apartment and vegetable garden. The set comes with a cool convertible car that Andrea and Mia can load with surfboards. At the beach, they can cross the waves and play with the dolphin and turtle toys. Like all LEGO Friends sets, it includes plenty of accessories to inspire creative storytelling. The guitar, cassette player and toy sunscreen are just a few items included to help children in their imaginative holiday adventures. Wonderful gifts of friendship for children Introduce children to the city of Heartlake, a place of everyday heroes and passionate missions, where every child will find a friend exactly like him.

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