LEGO Friends - Adventure Camp Rafting (41121)

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Adventure Camp: Rafting (41121) Game Scenario: Olivia and Andrea are on a river trip in the adventure camp for a climbing and floating competition. Head to the climbing wall and see how fast you can reach the top, then put on your life jacket and face the boat currents. Beware of falling trees and bears fishing in the river! Were you quick and won the trophy? Then tell stories around the fire and retreat to the tent. Features: The set includes the minifigure Olivia and the minifigure Andrea; the set includes a camping area and a river above which there is a bridge; on the river you can go by boat with boats; the camping area has a tent with two sleeping bags; accessories include: lamp, fish, campfire, compass, sunbeds, camera and sunglasses; Use the camera to photograph how the bear catches the fish from the river.

Recommended age 6 - 12

Number of pieces 320 pcs.

Number of figurines 2 pcs.

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