LEGO Legendary Beast Wolf (70127)

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Tags: LEGO, Legendary, Beast Wolf, (70127)

LEGO Legendary Beast Wolf (70127)

Number of parts in the box: 110;

Number of minifigures in the set: 1.


Jump on the back of the powerful wolf beast and escape quickly!

Now, your child can enter the natural paradise CHIMA, with LEGO Chima toys from Legomi Jucarii, at the lowest price, including the Legendary Beast Wolf (70127)

Now there are battles in the kingdom of Chima where there was once peace, and the legendary magical beasts have been captured in foreign lands. Send Worris on a mission to free the legendary wolf beast, using the shield and sword Derimous energized with CHI, to make his way fighting rival tribes. Jump on the back of the powerful beast and escape quickly.

LEGOChima is among the most sought after categories of LEGO games. Only a few brave CHIMA heroes understand the true nature of CHI. Their stories and the stories of those who seek them to destroy them are known as ... THE LEGEND OF ANCHIMA. Imagination is the only limit to the possibilities of creation. LEGO Chima!

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