LEGO Super Heroes Hulkbuster Editia Ultron (76105)

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Build the Hulkbuster super hero, in a highly detailed LEGO, with rotating twists and shining elements in the dark. You can choose between the two interchangeable left arms, including a hammer arm with a perforation function, and activate LEGO bricks in the chest. This LEGO Marvel Super Heroes set, Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition, also includes an office floor platform with alternative attachment points for robotic construction arms plus a showcase for Iron Man Mark 43. - Hulkbuster has a head with flip-up opening, rotating twists, fingers, arms, legs and legs, a chest LEGO in the chest, 2 interchangeable left arms - a standard arm or an arm with a perforation function and twelve glittering elements in the dark. - Turn on the chest light by pressing the button on the back of Hulkbuster. - The exhibition platform features a Hulkbuster informative plate with eight alternative mounting points for two robotic construction arms, a desk with 2 computer screens and space for the hotrod and the Veronica satellite that are built. - Push the backup Hulkbuster arm to any of the robotic construction arms on the exposure space. - It also includes an instinct. - This superhero toy is suitable for ages 14+. - The Hulkbuster has a height of 25 cm, 10 cm long and 22 cm wide. - The platform (without attachable bumper) has a width of 19 cm, depth 21 cm and a height of 2 cm.

Recommended age 14+

Number of pieces 1363 pcs.

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