LEGO Elves Azari and the Magic Bakery (41074)

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Come with Azari, the fire elf, in her adventure through the forest to find the key to a very special bakery! Order some delicious bakery products for Azari and Flamy, while they think about where the key might be. Help the baker boy spread the crust to make the bread, and put it in the magic oven. The bread that passes through the oven is baked by a lava cascade! Azari deduces that the key to the key must be under the lava cascade - help her gather her firepower to split the lava flow so that Flamy can jump to bring the key. Now the elves are one step closer to sending their friend Emily Jones home to the human world. Includes 2 mini dolls: Azari and Johnny the Baker, plus the Flamy fox.

Number of pieces 324 pcs.

Number of figurines 2 pcs.

Recommended age: 7-12 years.

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